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Ohayocon Report!!

So yeah....I actually wrote this con report while in the car coming back home from the con!!...and I'm just NOW getting it posted! (because I absolutly forgot about it!! >.>;; haha)

OhayoCon 2010!






After getting home I quickly went about finishing (aka: starting) the packing! Cleaned up a bit, and then proceeded to be slowed down by watching Ghost Whisperer on TV >.>;;;


We got out at a decent time though! By 8:30 we were done packing and had most of our stuff loaded in the car. After double checking our place and saying goodbye to our cats, we were in the car and heading out by 9pm…about an hour earlier than usual!!! LOL


We left on Wednesday so we could do our usual travel trick of stopping in Elkhart, IN to sleep for the night and then having only half the time to get to our destination in the morning, therefore having more time to spend with my family (since we stopped by them on our way to the con).


Funny thing was, on the way to Elkhart all the roads were pretty clear. We had just a dusting of snow when we left home. However, when we pulled off and into Elkhart…WHAM!!  Massive snow! It was snowing like crazy and the roads were awful!


Fortunately, we just had to go down the street to get to our motel. Once there, at about 1am eastern, we froze for a few minutes as our room had no heat turned on and then quickly crashed!




We got up and headed out at around 10:30 and made it to my parents house by 1:30pm. I got to play with my niece, Avalon (who is the absolute cutest thing ever!), and talk to my sibs and mom for a bit.


Upon leaving we made a quick stop at the local Wal-Mart for con provisions and some last minute supplies.


We were afraid of getting to the hotel too late, since we still had some last minute work to do on our costumes, but everything worked out!


By the end of the night all that was left to do was sew on three buttons, iron my coat, and fix our wigs!!


Also…while working we ordered pizza from Dominos…and Eric and I both Approve of their new crust!  It’s insanely delicious! And we’ll definently be buying more pizza from them in the future!




We got up at 9:30 to finish work on our costumes.


Sadly, we’re both very lazy, lol, so work on that and morning routines made us leave shortly after 12 >.>;;


But it was a great day! People seemed to love our cosplay and were very happy to see a Milly & Wolfwood together!


Friday, however, was a very slow day for us. We were back in our room and spent the night chilaxin’ by 6:30.  It was nice though! Because I got to still watch the new Ghost Whisperer and Eric got to see the new Clone Wars.  *Nerds!*


I also spent some time work on my Donut Box for my cosplay!





I got a text from Trevor around 11am, but we were still in the room since we decided to sleep in a bit.


After heading out we got our pics taken a lot while trying to make our way to Beth and Trevor! It was great being able to hang out with them for much of the day! All except our trek up the stairs and the impossibly long, never heading flight between the 3rd and 4th floor >_<;;


Also, Trevor being shocked by the man Pink Storm Ranger was Priceless!!!!!!


Eric and I were also very happy that we actually did “con” related things at the con! Like going to see the Masquerade! We got there a little late and the main room was at it’s full capacity so we had to go to a viewing room that had set up. It was still nice though.


We ended our night by spending time with Beth and just talking. Oh! And watching a group of people pull out a parachute! You know! Like the kind you’d play with as a kid in grade school! They were popping balls around on it and everything! Looked like lots of fun! Though I was a little afraid that one of the balls would shoot off and knock on upside the head!!  XD


Once back in our room, we started packing up a bit then rested in bed while watching Bleach on Adult Swim.




We got up, finished back…and then dealt with the elevators from HELL and the very annoying people who should be in Hell!! >< grrrrrrrrrrr!


See, here’s the deal, all weekend long we were going on and on about how nice our elevators were at our hotel (the Crowne Plaza) as opposed to the Hyatt ones with the majority of the con goers.


We were only on the third floor, though it took us till mid-Saturday to figure out where the stairs were (since the stairs we thought would take us out only took us to an emergency exit and staff only room ><)


Well, going back to Sunday morning, we’re loaded with bags and massive luggage hanging on us/dragging behind us. We really didn’t want to take the stairs with all that. When we got there, there was on guy (with no luggage) telling us that our best bet would be to use the stairs…ok, dude! Use it yourself! But he said he was too exhausted and would probably fall. He eventually got in an elevator that had just enough room for him with no luggage to squeeze into.


A few minutes later this guy and girl show up with a luggage cart and right away start tell us that WE should take the stairs! WTF! We were here first and also have a shit-ton of luggage, just because we’re not lazy enough to put it on a luggage cart doesn’t mean you get priority spots. Infact, the guy would often push his cart closer to an elevator as the door was beginning to open!


But, as it happens, all the elevators would always open completely packed with people and most of the time with them screaming at us “WE’RE FULL!!!” before the door even opened all the way.


Then that crazy guy with the cart started ranting about how stupid this was and how he’d been waiting there for 40mins! Umm, dude….we got there before him around 11:20. He came over around 5 or 10mins later and then started his uber rant at 11:40…At most, he had been there 15mins. I don’t know how the hell he got 40mins!


Well, we had been there for over 20mins and still hadn’t checked out and still had more stuff in our room! So against all that I wanted to do, we decided to take the stairs. Which, let me tell you…wasn’t all that fun >.<


So, there ya have it! We did go back in, look around, and buy some last minute gifts, but we left so we could stop by my family’s house again and give them a finally goodbye before heading back home.





List of People We Wanted to See:


                                    Tsuki                                       Check!

                                    Beth                                        Check!

                                    Trevor                                      Check!

                                    Lindsey                                   Check!

                                    Shane                                      Check!

                                    Cinnamaroll                             Check!

                                    Katie                                       Last minute Check! **

                                    Kelly                                       Fail -_-

                                    Nikolai                                                Check!

                                    Tara                                         Bonus Check!



**Funny story! Apparently, Katie AND Kelly were sharing a room on our floor! LOL! We just happened to see Katie while waiting for the elevator!


Overall, awesomely fun con and can’t wait for the next!!!!



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