chibimizutenshi (chibimizutenshi) wrote,

WTF Project Runway! How the hell did Amelio(sp?) stay in the show! His "Bikini" was barely even clothes! AND he didn't even have an accessory, which was a mandatory part of the contest!

Sure, Jessie's outfit wasn't the best, but it was wearable!!!!!

AUUGH!!!   I also hate that Amelio came up with the BS excuse of "I wanted to make a bathing suit cause I knew everyone else would be making a dress" opposed to the truth of ..'oops...I wanted to make a dress, but didn't have enough material or time!!'

I swear, Project Runway, you make me soooo mad sometiems!!!

Oh well, Guess I should be happy that my two favorites (Jay and Seth) are still in there and going strong!
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aww i'm so behind on this season!!! i need to find somewhere to download it... XD;;
My jaw like dropped ten inches when i saw they cut him
Oh yeah, Amelio totally lied through his teeth...but I'm glad he didn't go home. He is actually a really good designer and just wasn't prepared for this challenge. And I'm glad Jesse is gone...I never liked him. >:3
I LOVE Anthony; more his personality than his designs. *laughs* And I think Seth is my favorite designer of them all.
Actually Emilio did have an accessory. A bracelet/ring thing. (use the zoom function to see it) If he hadn't they would have mentioned it at least once. If someone doesn't do part of the challenge they always bring it up, they just didn't talk about Emilio's because his 'outfit' was so bad. Not saying he deserved to stay, cause he is a liar, but I liked him a tiny bit better than Jesse. I didn't even know who he was when I was watching.
I stand corrected...although that bracelt wasn't much of anything anyways >.> LOL

And can you believe he dumped his model after making her walk down in that awful bikini-monster?!
whaaaaaat? I don't watch the Model show and don't really care much about the models, but that is laaaame. He's apparently the one who's attitude I hate, but clothes I kinda like this season.

Most of them had pretty retarded accessories really. That necklace was the only decent one imo
Oh, I don't watch that model show either. I actually turn the channel as quickly as possible! LOL! It's really a pointless show, seeing as how even if the model is the best, if her designer is eleminated and everyone else holds loyal to their model...she's gone.


March 7 2010, 16:08:22 UTC 7 years ago

GOOD. I thought I was the only one that was fucking pissed. What the HELL are they thinking?! Jesse may not be the kindest/warmest kind of person, but he has this weird attractiveness to him...

AND his outfit was wearable. Ugh.