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So I have had a wonderful birthday! It's been a long time since I've been this excited for and happy over one! 

Usually I take the attitude of, "meh, just another day", but not today!

All week Eric's been super eager about giving me my gift and constantly reminding me that it's almost my b-day. And a lot of people from work were reminding me "It's almost your b-day!" and stuff like that. It actually makes me look foreward to the day!

So many nice things happened today! The sun was shining and beautiful (most of the day!), Eric had flowers sent to me at work!, we ordered nummy Chinese food, I got so many texts, FB notes, and such wishing me a Happy B-day, and for my gift Eric got me a fricking brand new LAPTOP!!!  (Sweetie, you're the best!!!! <3)

My old one about had it. It still ran ok, but it really lagged and the hinges were broke so the screen would flop around and in general, it was just a really old laptop. Heck, I even bought it used! My new one is wonderful! It's a compaq....compared to my old it's like heaven! So light, and doesn't overheat, the screen stays put!...the list goes on!

So yes, I loved my birthday this year!
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