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Hard to believe that in less than a month another year will have come and gone. I feel like this last year was the longest, yet somehow also the fastest year I’ve ever experienced.

I don’t really feel like doing a “Year End Review” post right now. Guess I’m just feeling a bit…thoughtful.

So many things go on in life that I tend to get caught up and loose track of the time. I used to be a devout LJer back in the day. I kinda miss that. It helped to recap my day. Make me remember what I did so the day didn’t just pass by without a second thought. It’s also nice to have a post to look back on years from now.

I’d love to say I’m gonna restart that. Attempt to make a daily post or even a “every couple of days” post…but I’m sure we’d all know how that end >.> So if I get around to it then good…if not, Meh, life goes on.

But lemme catch you up on what’s going on right now.

I’ve really taken a liking to baking. Even now, I have a stack of cookie recipe books, design techniques, and such sitting next to me. If not for baking supplies costing money and my kitchen being quite the mess *sigh* I’d probably be using the oven a lot more! I’ve always liked to bake, but it seems as of late I’ve gone head over heels for it….so much so, that most everyone at work is starting to call me Betty Crocker ^^:

Speaking of work….I always have such mixed feelings when thinking of it. On one hand, I love my job. It’s the best I’ve ever had. It’s a professional, fairly well paying job (especially for not having a degree) with benefits. For the most part, I enjoy working with my coworkers and I feel that if I were to choose to do so, I could pursue a future better paying job in the banking field.

On the other hand…..I’ve never gone through such stress as I do with my job. We work day by day with the knowledge that any one little mistake could possibly lead to us being fired. If we’re having an off day or not feeling to well and somehow manage to accidentally give out too much cash, or show up late/sick too many times (ie six per year), or any number of other things…we could be fired.

Just the other day a lady who literally just got her award for being with the bank for 20years was fired….we always remind ourselves, we have NO job security. And that has lent to me spending many a nights freaking out, crying, and unable to sleep…worried if I’d have a job the next day.

It’s odd though. I don’t know anyone who’d put up with such a stressful job. Why put up with it?

Well, for starters, the money. I don’t know of any other job that’d hire me off bat and pay me as much as I’m making now. Honestly, I was lucky to get my job without having any prior banking experience... And, it sounds silly…but when things aren’t stressful, I actually really do enjoy my job.

On Monday I had a customer give me a Christmas gift! She did this last year too. Nothing much, just an adorable little snowman on a sled (which I have at work and put out by my name plate during the day). But it’s customers like her that make me happy to do what I do. When I can really help someone or at least make them smile for a moment, that makes my day. Even better yet…I’ve had customers come in close to tears, because of the status of their account and worried about the money and if I’m able to help them clear everything up and feel relived enough to smile…it’s the greatest feeling in the world.Sadly, I don’t get too many of those type of people, but I remember them.

Off of work…Can you believe it’s almost Christmas!!!!!!!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve had 90% of my shopping done for about the past 3 weeks!! I just need to shop for my parents, older sister and in-laws(which is mostly on Eric’s shoulders, but I’ll help him out, lol).

I’m also very proud of our decorations this year. It just feels so….perfect. Infact, before typing this, I turned off all the lights in the living room, except the tree, and just sat on the floor admiring it and feeling like a small child…excited for Christmas!

So wow! I didn’t expect to write nearly two full pages worth of text. Guess I had a lot to write about. If you read through it all…then, you deserve some sort of medal!!!

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