chibimizutenshi (chibimizutenshi) wrote,

So what do you do when you find cranberries on sale for .50cents a bag? Take them home and attempt to make cranberry sauce for the first time!!!....And a pretty damn good sauce it is!!!

It's made with only whole cranberries, water, and sugar...You boil your cranberries in sugar water till they pop. Then stir around till mostly creamy, but there will be lots chunks...I know some people like to have their homemade sauce chunky, but I like mine creamy! So I used my imerssion blender to get rid of all the chunks and then strained it to remove any large chunks of pulp. It's soooo smooth and yummy!!!!

Going on with my day....

Eric and I have removed most of our Christmas decorations and now I'm going to attempt to make Split pea and ham soup!!

Lot's of attempts of making new food today!!  Let's hope for the best! LOL
Tags: food
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