chibimizutenshi (chibimizutenshi) wrote,

WTF Project Runway! How the hell did Amelio(sp?) stay in the show! His "Bikini" was barely even clothes! AND he didn't even have an accessory, which was a mandatory part of the contest!

Sure, Jessie's outfit wasn't the best, but it was wearable!!!!!

AUUGH!!!   I also hate that Amelio came up with the BS excuse of "I wanted to make a bathing suit cause I knew everyone else would be making a dress" opposed to the truth of ..'oops...I wanted to make a dress, but didn't have enough material or time!!'

I swear, Project Runway, you make me soooo mad sometiems!!!

Oh well, Guess I should be happy that my two favorites (Jay and Seth) are still in there and going strong!
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